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Preserving the cultural, historical, and scientific heritage of civilization is very important for human culture. Every generation is aimed at keeping their cultural artifacts so that they could be used, revised, and studied by the next generations. The contemporary Information Communication Technologies have been made possible the availability of digital content on a global platform. These materials can be accessed from anywhere around the world. This article aims to propose a model for cultural object repository using modern technological tools for the preservation of Banarasi saree designs and their cultural heritage. The work has attempted to propose a model for creating a cultural object repository for preserving Banarasi saree designs. The theoretical aspect has been discussed to understand the concept and the model. The model will enable the preservation and access of these designs. This paper tried to review the possibility to develop a model for the preservation of traditional Banarasi saree designs. A repository has been created for uploading raw designs and final designs woven over sarees. The repository is also enriched with metadata and keywords.