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Background: The novel corona virus (COVID 19), that is now considered as global pandemic due to its high rate of infectivity has impacted the world and caused morbidity and mortality on an unprecedented level in the era of modern medicine. In the past year, COVID 19 researches have been carried out at large by several countries across the globe. Therefore, the present study aimed to explore the researches brought out by BRICS countries in the form of publications to obliterate the COVID 19 pandemic.

Method: Scopus database was explored to collect the publications of BRICS pertaining to COVID 19. Data search was executed on 4th January2020 and collected the required data for the study.

Results: Among the BRICS countries, China published the highest number of publications (5641) and the number of citations to the publications of china is significantly high (97806) compared to publications of other countries. As regards to collaborative researches, USA appears to be the most collaborative country with all countries of BRICS.