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In this paper bibliometric survey is presented on Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna. The Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna is a broad band and has symmetric E plane and H plane. It has been used extensively in radars, wireless communication and dual polarization applications. The antipodal Vivaldi antenna has significant researches in biomedical imaging, optical lens, Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) System, detecting cancer, 5G communications etc. The bibliometric analysis is done for the reason to understand the reach of antipodal Vivaldi antenna and performance enhancement analysis worldwide. The Scopus and web of science are used for accomplishing this survey. The study focuses on 449 documents of conferences, articles, book chapters, review etc in scopus, where in web of science the study was focused on 95 documents of articles. Web of science has research data base of AVA from 1980 and scopus has its database from 1993. The bibliometric analyses are done using i-mapbuilder, VOS builder, Word bar chart, Word It Out, etc in section 3. The bibliometric survey includes the research of document types, year of publications, the various sources involved in performing quality research, affiliations and funding agencies involved to make the research work completed and keywords. It was observed that documents published are mostly in English language. Apart from English language documentation is also done in Chinese and Turkish. The study of this bibliometric analysis shows that the favorable field for antipodal Vivaldi antenna is done under Engineering and Computer Science fields.