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Date of this Version

Summer 4-15-2021


Objective: This study investigates that the rheumatology student’s, information-seeking behavior and knowledge sharing sources and their ways. The reason for motivating information seeking is to create the awareness of knowledge sharing, to know knowledge sharing tools, their frequency facing problems, and their satisfaction level of sharing methods.

Methods: A survey research on the population in Chennai was designed. The questionnaire was distributed to 220 students.211 questionnaires have been returned to the respondents. We have used the Chi-Square test, ANOVA, simple percentage, and cross table. Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) software used for data analysis.

Result: Rheumatology student’s purposes of information seeking are mainly used for exam preparation. They are having a moderate level of awareness on knowledge sharing. Lake of Knowledge sharing tools in the library resources is the problem of knowledge sharing which reduced the level of satisfaction.

Conclusion: The information source used for information seeking is not significant for the gender of the respondents. It concludes that there is a significant difference between formal communication and Age of the respondents and no a significant difference between the informal communication and age of the respondents. This study would be helpful for rheumatology students to improve their information-seeking skills and knowledge sharing skill for the future.