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Spring 5-1-2021


The study deals with the awareness and use of online databases by the research scholars in Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati.. The survey method was used in this study. Questionnaire tool was used to collect data from the research scholars. Seventy five questionnaires were distributed to the research scholars following accidental sampling method. The researcher received 175 filled in questionnaires out of 200. Most of the research scholars (88.0%) are using of online databases. Majority of the respondents (703.7%) are aware of online databases through friends. Most of them (90.9%) use online databases for their research work. Most of them (82.3%) are using ‘Science Direct’ online database. A high percentage of them (88.8%) search and access online databases for links through search engines. Majority of the respondents (76.6%) think that training on access to online databases is necessary for location of required information. Most of them (69.1%) replied that their authorities didn’t provide training programmes on access to online databases in the library. Above half of the respondents (57.1%) replied that they are satisfied with the infrastructure to support the accessing of online databases.