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Summer 6-2021


This research study is a Scientometric study of research publications on Total Quality Management (TQM) disciplines at Global perspectives from 2001 to2020. The paper summarises the global Research Trends in TQM from the analysis of the data. It uses different Bibliometric indicators in this context, and also applied the Growth of literature, Relative Quality Index RQI, Publication Efficiency Index, Absolute Citation Impact (ACI), and Relative Citation Impact (RCI)., and Quinquennial Publications. The results show that more research has been done in TQM. Additionally, it seems that the readability scores of publications have been growing up from 2001-2020. The total number of publications 89631 with 1635430 citations and ACPP 18.25% during the study. It is identified that a maximum number of 25921 (28.92%) research publications are contributed from the USA with 2425 High-Quality Papers. China, Canada, Italy, and France country show that more quality research output is being produced globally. The Quinquennial growth was 1.40 % for the Quinquennial period 2001-2004 to 2005-2008. 2005-2008, evidently, the contribution of publications in total quality management output was at a much higher rate in the early period of Block 2.