Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Summer 5-10-2021


The academic libraries play a vital role in the knowledge enrichment of the students which paves the path for a strong knowledge base society. To attain such knowledgeable students, the services available at the libraries are important. In such an attempt, the present study aims to ascertain the opinion of the library users about the various services and facilities provided at K L Deemed to be University along with the user satisfaction levels. The study was conducted on 1640 users comprising of Post Graduation Students and Research Scholars to evaluate the user satisfaction levels on the currently available services and facilities at the library and where there is need to improve the services so that the user satisfaction levels can further be enhanced. The users are satisfied with majority of the services and facilities provided to them at the library. It is also observed that there is significant difference in the perception of the Post Graduation students and Research Scholars about the library services as their mode of usage of the services and resources is different. From the findings of the study, it is evident that there is plenty of scope for improvement in the services and facilities offered to the users at the library.