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Spring 4-26-2021

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The study focused on the institutional factors variable as determinants of lecturers’ utilization of electronic publications in library schools in universities in Nigeria. The study was guided by one research questions and one null hypotheses. Correlational design was adopted for the study, while rating scale titled ‘Computer Utilization Variables and Lecturers Utilization of Electronic Publications’ (CUVLUEP) was used to elicit data for the study. A sample of 378 library and information science lecturers from the 24 public universities in Nigeria were used for the study. The reliability of the instrument was determined through the Cronbach Alpha statistical method which gave a reliability coefficient of 0.79. Data collected were analysed by using descriptive and inferential statistics. Research question were answered using coefficient of determination (r2) and Pearson “r. This statistics helped to establish the linear relationship between the variables of this study. Hypotheses were tested using t-test of significance of correlation Findings show that there is a moderate positive relationship between computer skills and lecturers’ utilization of electronic publications for research as well as a high positive relationship among institutional factors It was therefore, recommended that since the utilization of electronic publications for research is highly influenced by the lecturers’ level of computer skills, there is need for regular training of the lecturers especially those in university environment to enable them acquire computer literacy skills. It was also recommended that all the computer utilization variables should be considered very important to effective utilization of electronic publications as each factor can influence to some extent the level of computer utilization by lecturers.