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Summer 5-20-2021

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The present paper examines the assessing the impact of ICT on the library users and their reading habits. A total of 2463 samples were selected from 11 state universities in Karnataka State, India. A well designed questionnaire was used for the data collection and data has been analyzed using SPSS. The present study consisted of an equal number of males (51.3%) and female (48.7%) respondents and most of the them are from rural (63.0%) areas. It can be seen from the table that the majority of female (71.8%) and male (66.3%) respondents read information sources at their home. It is very interesting to note that majority of the respondents are inspired by themselves to read (68.5%) followed by good books (57.4%) and teachers (42.0%). The study found that 50.3% of male and 49.7% of female respondents opined that the ICT has made an impact on their reading habits. In this regards the result found that, the ICT has made an impact on enhancing the reading habits of the respondents. Further, it is found that, majority of the respondents strongly agreed that they can read more books available online, they can save time in searching information, they can get all information in their fingertips. The result shows that, the students and faculties have faced various problems in using ICT tools. The study recommends that, Higher education council and university authority may provide the latest and updated version of the computers along with continuous electricity supply with UPS connections and high Internet bandwidth facility.