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This study investigated reading ability, study habits and students’ academic performance in Social Studies. The study was an expos-facto study. The researcher employed a stratified and multi-sampling technique to sample 1103 students. The questionnaire was the instrument utilised to gather data. The Cronbach Alpha was utilised for the determination of the instrument reliability, and a reliability value coefficient value of 0.78 for Reading Fluency, 0.90 for Passage Recall and 0.92 for question Answering and 0.76 for Study habit was obtained. Data generated were evaluated employing correlation co-efficient of determination for the research questions, while the multiple regression and linear regression statistics were utilised to test the null hypotheses. The results indicates that a significant relationship exist between reading ability and students’ performance, study habit and student's performance; no significant statistical relationship exist between sex and students’ performance. It was suggested that students’ reading interest be strengthened by providing and equipping school libraries; reading should be given adequate attention in classroom activity and not left to students’ choice or discretion.