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Summer 5-31-2021


The retrieval of superior-quality photographs with a minimal exposure is an interesting subject in radiography. Pre-processing is a key phase in signal and image processing such as healthcare, telecommunications, and satellite, and it focuses on reducing or eliminating the extent of noise in the image. Denoising aids in the recovery of finer data and relevant material. Medical images including ECG, Ultrasound, CT-scan, and X-ray provide incredibly fine data that has to be precise and noise-free in order for the knowledge and aspects of interest to be retained during diagnosis. Various noise reduction technologies for medical images, such as wavelet transform, Neural Network, real-time digital filter, efficiently enhancing image contrast and mean and median filters, are discussed in this article. Even so, quantum noise appears to affect x-ray photos captured with a low dose. One of its techniques for obtaining high-quality photographs with a limited dosage is to reduce noise and efficiently enhance image contrast.