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This study was designed to examine disaster management of flood affected public libraries of south Kerala. The population selected for the study was flood-affected libraries of South Kerala, affiliated to Kerala State Library Council. According to Kerala Library Council, the 2018- 19 flood-affected 113 libraries in Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, and Kottayam district, among which 95 libraries were selected. The samples were collected from 95 professional and non-professional staffs of these libraries. A structured questionnaire is prepared based on objectives of the study with closed-ended and open-ended questions for the flood-affected libraries of south Kerala. To facilitate quantification and analysis of data, primarily close-ended questions were used. The questionnaire was distributed to librarians of flood-affected libraries of south Kerala. The findings of this study the 2018-19 floods made huge destruction in the public libraries of south kerala and almost 60-80% flood affected 85.26% of the library.