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This study aims to provide a bibliometric and science mapping analysis on the research area of Islamic banks and the 2008 global financial crisis published in the Scopus indexed database over the 2008-2021 period. The study used the VOSviewer software and MS Excel spreadsheet for data analysis. The study identified an increasing trend in publication on the topic. The study found that Alqahtani was the most productive author, while Bourkhis and Nabi were the highly cited authors. The authors from Malaysia were the productive publication, while the Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management was found to be the most influential journal. Authors from Saudi Arabia showed a strong collaboration with Malaysia, United States, Tunisia, and Australia. The most reoccurring keywords on the topic were Islamic banks, financial crisis, global financial crisis, conventional banks, Gulf Cooperation Council, and efficiency. Finally, the most co-cited sources included the Journal of Banking and Finance, the Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, and the Journal of Financial Economics.