Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln





The quest for librarians to be given their rightful place as academics in Nigerian Universities prompted this paper. From a comparative viewpoint, the need for librarians to enjoy the same rights and privileges as lecturers was highlighted. The paper provided ample justifications for granting librarians academic status in Nigerian Universities. It also discussed matters arising from the implementation of the National Universities Commission’s directive on the academic status of librarians. The paper proposed the systematic implementation of PhD Qualification for librarians, review of librarians’ cadres vis-à-vis those of lecturers and the need for the Librarians’ Registration Council of Nigeria (LRCN) and Nigeria Library Association (NLA) to play more influential roles, as key strategies for addressing the issues of inequality between librarians and lecturers. The paper concluded that as academics, librarians should be ready to take responsibility to acquire necessary qualifications and play leading roles in research, scholarly publications and other academic endeavours.