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Summer 7-1-2021


This study aims to explore the publication trends in Webology Journal. The Scopus database was chosen for the extraction of bibliographic data for the period 2006 to 2020. Then, VOSviewer software was used to analyse the data and generate visualization network maps. A total of 295 publications were found during the study period. The various bibliometrics indicators have been applied to identify the publication trends of Webology Journal. The finding revealed that the highest number of papers (92) and the maximum number of citations (273) appeared in 2020. Among the most contributing nations, Iran has contributed 63 documents, followed by India 50 and the United States 25. Further, the author, A. Noruzi, has found a highly productive and cited author among other authors by contributing 24 documents with 68 citations in Webology journal. The University of Tehran contributed 19 publications and was identified as the top ten highly effective research institutions. The study concludes that Webology journal publishes quality publications, and it is considered one of the leading journals' in the web technology field.



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