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Generally, thesaurus construction and visual vocabulary are generated with the help of TemaTres. It shows the relation of different terms in view of a specific facet and sub facet. But this paper has explored extra facilities for users. This facility is a part of a cloud computing system. Now, this research paper has integrated the external repositories and software interface in both offline and online environments. How to integrate these external repositories with TemaTres? What are the metadata sets available for data interoperability and crosswalk? How to access these external repositories from the TemaTres metadata interface? However, this paper has been selected by the popular thesaurus construction and visual vocabulary software TemeTres for easy integration of external repositories regarding these specific questions. The whole process is developed and designed on the basis of configuration of files in TemaTres such as config.tematres.php and image icons. This integrated framework is very helpful to the users and librarians for easy access of thesaurus and visual vocabulary from different external repositories. Finally, this has created the common access interface of metadata for the users.