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This study was designed to investigate the information needs and information seeking behaviour of Secondary School Teachers in Umunze, Anambra State. Five (5) research questions were formulated to guide the study. In conducting this research, the researcher used descriptive survey design which was considered most appropriate for the study. The study was conducted in Anambra State with a population of ninety-two (92) teachers in three selected secondary schools. The instrument used for data collection was the questionnaire. The validity of the research instrument was established by three experts. The questionnaire contains 48 items from cluster 1-5. A total of 92 copies of the questionnaire were distributed and 75 were filled and returned for the study. Data obtained from the questionnaire was analyzed using arithmetic mean. The findings from the study showed that secondary school teachers in Umunze need information and therefore seek information to satisfy their numerous needs. It was also revealed that their information needs include; information on their teaching subjects and methods of teaching, school curriculum, use of new technological facilities among others. The findings disclosed various factors affecting secondary school teachers in getting their needed information some of them include; lack of relevant information in the library, lack of opportunity for professional development, insufficient access to new technological that will enhance search etc. Based on the findings, the researcher recommended that there is need for the establishment of well-equipped libraries to enhance effective learning/teaching activities in the secondary schools in Umunze, provision of adequate teaching resources should be made available to secondary school teachers in Umunze, training and retraining of secondary school teachers to be ICT compliant so as to handle the students properly among others.