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This research aims to analyze digital library optimization to support the development of agile libraries.The development of agile libraries through the optimization of digital libraries is seen from the perception of convenience, perceived benefits, and acceptance of digital libraries by the user community.This research uses a qualitative approach. Data collection is done by purposive sampling technique.Triangulation is used to analyze data. The results show that the optimization of digital libraries for the development of agile library services is measured by ease of use in terms of systems that are easy to learn, easy to master, clear and easy to reach, flexible, and easy to use.Furthermore, flexible factors are the only aspect that needs to be improved. To improve agile library services through the optimization of digital libraries in terms of perceived benefits in terms of ease of information search, useful in finding information, increasing effectiveness, increasing productivity, and developing work performance.Then from the perception of usefulness as a whole is quite good because the existence of this digital library provides positive value for the development of agile library services.



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