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The goal of this study was to explore the status of Online Reference Services in the university libraries of Lahore, Pakistan. A quantitative method followed by a survey research design was adopted to gather the required data. The population of the study was all the public and private sector universities of Lahore. The tool of the questionnaire was developed to gather the required data. Accumulated data were gathered through SPSS Software. The findings of the study show that only a few libraries are utilizing online reference services. Library professionals are facing several barriers to the implementation of ORS in university libraries including a lack of adequate planning. The study motivates library professionals to implement ORS in university libraries so that users might be served efficiently through the modern-driven approaches. Old fashioned reference services need to be replaced by the latest online methods in the best interests of both the users and the organization. The study has practical implications for the policymakers, concerned authorities, and top administration of the university libraries.