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Summer 9-8-2021


Adolescent is an important phase in the life of both females and males. Menstruation is a critical phase in adolescent girl’s life which needs special care and attention. However, one of the important challenges for adolescent girls in this phase seems to be the lack of information and awareness concerning the menstruation. Since the last two decades, the embedment of ICT’s in our lives has been increasing including our health care. Adolescents are more attracted to the ICT’s and their applications in different forms. Thus, over the past many years, many attempts have been made by different stakeholders like government, NGO’s and community to promote adolescent menstrual health through the application of such technologies. These technologies can actively involve adolescent girls through different platforms and provide valuable information on menstruation. This paper examines the utility of many ICT’s and other associated technologies that can foster adolescent well being during menstruation and also promote their health during this phase. This paper has highlighted some of these platforms like internet, social media networks, augmented reality, mobile applications, and gaming modules etc. that have a significant role in promoting adolescents’ menstrual well-being.