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An advance in information and communication technology has challenged all the service sectors including libraries and information centres. Providing reliable information services through library websites that is easy and intuitive for the user is a major concern for the entire library professional. This work is a case study on the library website of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics. Formerly the library had Libsys 4.0 as the library automation software and presently it has been migrated to Koha 20.05. The study aims to explore the factors the institute takes into consideration for renovating the website. The new website of IIA Library is a visual example of an integrated library management system where all the spectrums of the library modules are brought down under a single platform designed in Koha. The study design is based on descriptive and exploratory analysis of the former and the later website. The case-study method of the study brings out the possible methods exercised in the process of data correction and migration from LibSys to Koha. For libraries and information centres or other similar institutes planning for a website migration, this case study can provide a point of initiation and culminate the important points required for the revamp.