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The role of agricultural libraries in the networked digital era with the help of automation, digitization, resource sharing, Library Management software, Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture (CeRA), and institutional repositories Krishikosh, AGRICAT, IDEAL eGranth project. The financial support provided by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is a good initiative for the strengthening and development of agricultural libraries. Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is encouraging e-learning for promoting the use of e-resource in agriculture. This survey study discusses the perception of membership of various library networks among agricultural college female and male academic librarians in agricultural college libraries in Maharashtra, India. Purposive sampling technique was used to select 40 librarians from a population of 57 librarians working in the Mahatma Phule Agricultural University and affiliated college libraries. The study examines the perception of library networks and reasons of joining various library networks. The results reveal that most of the librarians joined library networks for the Access of Union Catalogue, Inter Library Loan Services, Consortium Usage, Centralized Acquisition, and Document Delivery Service etc.