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Fall 11-13-2021


Throughout history, mosque libraries have played a critical part in the advancement of civilization. From an economic perspective, the advancement of civilization in terms of education and welfare cannot be separated from the existence of libraries. The purpose of this study is to determine the extent of the development of the mosque library literature using bibliometric tools (RStudio with "biblioshiny" and Vosviewer) based on the Web of Science (WOS) database. This study shows patterns of co-authorship, document citations, keyword co-occurrence, and thematic evolution. We demonstrate the literature's influence by examining its document type, yearly publishing rate, journals, and research area. The evaluation of research on mosque library includes 73 documents by 154 authors affiliated with 79 organizations in 20 countries. The most commonly used word in mosque library research is "mosque." The papers published cover the fields of Information Science Library Science. This study is expected to provide a detailed bibliometric analysis of the mosque library's evolution.