Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Winter 10-18-2021

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Libraries play an important role in the everyday life of students and faculty. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected higher education, including libraries systems & services. This global pandemic almost changes the entire working style of the library from traditional to online. The purpose of this study was to explore the response of the Libraries and LIS professionals during the COVID -19 pandemic and determine their working practices, services practices, and strategies applied and role-played. Libraries see their individual and collective roles of societal and educational dimensions during these uncertain times. The study also made recommendations for the betterment of Libraries. In this study, an online survey was performed using a Google Form questionnaire and send to prominent LIS professionals countrywide. The study covers almost 59 unique libraries from different colleges, universities, public sectors & information service centres. Out of the collected data, 101 respondents were selected as the final sample of the study. The findings of the study revealed that, among the respondent, 95% (96) demanded that their library provide online library services, 99% (100) respondents were positive about their library to provide online ask a librarian facility, and 76% (77) ensured that their library conducts such QIPs for their staffs during the national lockdown. Further, a total of 73 respondents identified in providing a Remote Access Facility to their library users during the lockdown period. The study concluded that in this new information era library staff, ought to consistently be prepared to confront difficult circumstances. Most libraries recommended in the near future to adopt webinars services and focused on motivating, encouraging the librarians to enhance their digital skills to be in pace with the present digital age.