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Winter 11-6-2021

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The Annals of Library and Information Studies (ALIS) is probably the most well-known journal in the library and information science discipline. This paper examines the collaboration and authorship pattern of ALIS within the study period from 2011-2020. Total 312 articles were published within 2011-2020, and a single author wrote 105 no of articles, two writers wrote 150 articles, 44 articles were written by three writers, and 13 articles were written by multiple writers. From the examination, it is Shaw that the single authorship pattern is most important in ALIS. Based on this investigation, it found that the average CC (Collaboration Coefficient) is 0.37, and mean DC (Degree of Collaboration) is 0.33, and mean MCC is 0.38, CAI (Co-authorship Index) is decreased from 115.56 to 66.032, and mean RGR decreasing from 0.44 to 0.09, mean DT increasing from 3.33 to 7.8 in this study period. According to the statistics, the highest activity index was recorded in 2015 for India (109.75), and the lowest AI (Activity index) is recorded in 2013(76.86). In 2013 the highest activity index was recorded for the world (281.89), and the lowest activity index was recorded for the world(23.31) in 2015and B.K Sen is the highest co-cited author between DK. Gupta, B.M Gupta, and Sengupta.