Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Fall 11-14-2021


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The School Library Committee works with the librarian to create general library policies and regulations that govern the library's operations. The Book Purchasing Policy is decided by the School Library Committee. It assists the library staff in running the library as efficiently as possible. The other staff provides assistance to the School Library Committee in carrying out Annual Stock – Verification of Library Books. It has taken steps to make the library more user-friendly by focusing on effective library policies in order to improve communication between readers and library staff. It makes sure that not only the staff but even the students avail the benefits of library facilities.

The committee is responsible for providing proper documentation services as well as updating the library collection. It strives to modernize and improve library and documentation services. It develops policies and procedures for making the best use of library resources. It creates budgets and proposals for the library's expansion. According to the findings, the unscheduled time has an impact on circulation and student access to materials. According to the findings of the study, book fairs encourage students to read by offering them a diverse selection of books to peruse before making a purchase decision. It is also revealed from the study that project work given during the holidays will keep them occupied as well as give them an opportunity to unleash their creative side and give their ideas a physical form.

It is revealed from study that Display of library and reference collection, Quiz Competition, Writing a Book Review Competition, Book Exhibition, Organizes trips to popular libraries, Book Discussion, Innovative reading games help to inculcate the reading habits among the students in High School.