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Winter 11-24-2021


This research is intended to provide a comprehensive illustration related to the ability of Information Technology and Knowledge Sharing as important things in organizational life so that they are able to compete and survive.


This study was conducted with the aim of determining various bibliometric characteristics of documents published in the Scopus database. The information starts from the type of access, year, author, subject area, document type, publication stage, source title, keyword, affiliation, funding sponsor, country, source type, and language. Capabilities Information Technology and Knowledge Sharing are defined as the use of information technology capabilities and information technology management processes between business units by using the capabilities of resources together. Research on Information Technology Capabilities and Knowledge Sharing by providing a big picture that is visualized from year to year. This study aims to map research in the field of Information Technology Capabilities and Knowledge Sharing with data from all international research publications. This study performs a bibliometric method and analyzes research data using the Services Analyze Search Results from Scopus and the VOSviewer application. The data obtained in this study amounted to 619 academic documents published from 1992 to 2020 globally. The results showed that the most productive institutions and individual researchers at the global level in the field of Capabilities Information Technology and Knowledge Sharing were Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University with 11 documents and Liu H with 7 articles. Most subject areas are Business, Management and Accounting with 619 documents. Then the most publications occurred in 2020 with 82 documents, and documents per year based on sources of 17 from Industrial Management And Data Systems. The most document types in this field were in the form of articles (79.6%) or 439 documents. The largest number of documents by country from the Study of Capabilities Information Technology and Knowledge Sharing is the United State with 190 countries and then China with 65 documents. And finally, the number of documents based on the Funding Sponsor of this study is the National Natural Science Foundation of China, totaling 32 documents.