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Winter 12-11-2021


The study aims to measure the use of digital resources among the users of private universities in Jordan and knowing the opinions of the users and the adequacy of the available digital resources during COVID19. A regular random sample of (500) users was selected to measure their awareness and understanding of using the digital resources. The data collected was analyzed, classified and categorized. Various statistical methods were employed to display the graphs and through the use of the SPSS software package. The results indicated that (70%) of the users are aware of the internet environment and take it as a means to make digital information sources available, and that more than (50%) are actually using them, while (64%) have the knowledge of the International databases. (Emerald, Science Direct, IEEE), and more than half of them actually benefit from their academic environment, whereas more than (80%) of all users indicated that the available information sources are sufficient to meet their scientific and academic needs. The most important results indicated that the users have less used the databases available on the local network.