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Winter 12-30-2021

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The study examines the library consortia research publications of the past two decades in order to gain insight into the development of library consortia, with a special emphasis on Indian contributions adopting Scientometrics analysis technique. Data was collected using the Web of Science abstracting and citation database, which retrieved 983 publications dating from 2001 to 2020. For the study, 326 relevant publications were selected and analysed using Biblioshny, Citespace and VOSviewer software. The analysis revealed a consistent research interest in library consortia, as shown by the increase in the number of publications and the number of keywords. India has secured 5th place in the production of publications, but the rate of contribution to the global publication was found to be significantly low (5%). Furthermore, neither Indian journals nor authors could reach the top ranking in library consortia publication. The United States dominated most of the extent of scientometric analysis. Recently, research focus was found around e,books, usage statistics, affordability and effective services. Research in the areas of cost benefit analysis, consortia framework and models are recommended to pay attention to significant output in library consortia research. On the whole, a big gap was observed in library consortia research. The outcomes of the research will aid in getting reliable and up-to-date information regarding library consortia research and offer insight into research trends.