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Dear editorial board,

I would like to thank you for this opportunity to submit our article in this Journal. This article is not published anywhere. This research focuses on the implementation of CSR programs to attract visitors and improve library performance, especially in Indonesia. I will look forward to from you soon.

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Sri Hartini

Corresponding Author


This study focuses on the impact of CSR on the library’s performance in collaboration with CSR programs. Using the purposive sampling method, the sample was 350 library service users in Indonesia. Data was collected through a Google Form questionnaire distributed on social media. SEM-PLS was used to analyze five hypotheses, which were accepted. This study indicates that CSR in the library is significantly positively related to library image, customer value, and loyalty. In addition, library image and customer value are positively related to library visitor loyalty. Currently, the social responsibility literature is only limited to the customer perspective, and not many have examined CSR effectiveness from the perspective of corporate partners, such as libraries. Managerial implication can be proposed that CSR programs effectively and empirically positively impact library performance.