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Winter 12-22-2021


The purpose of this paper is to investigate the extent of LIS (Library and Information Science) literature referring to and being referred by patents in the form of scholarly citations they attribute and/or receive. The analysis of the present study was done based on a total data-set of 237820 research publications of the LIS discipline ranging from April 1920 to April 2020 (100 years) as mined from the LENS database. LIS research corpus received 22.75 scholarly citations and 6.87 patent citations per paper while utilizing and citing 18667 patents and thus establishing the correlation between the citing-cited link in the research ecosystem. In addition, this paper also evaluates the decadal Relative Growth Rate (RGR) and Doubling Time (Dt) of LIS publications ranging from May 1920 to April 2020. The paper reflects the value of LIS research in patents and vice versa depicting the cross-disciplinary nature and decadal growth rate of LIS in general and information science in particular.