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Reading stories to children when they are young is the most effective way to keep them creatively engaged. Children in multilingual countries require free access to story repositories for leisure reading. In India, a country with hundreds of mother tongues, books are largely published in English and Hindi, owing to market economics. Various studies have shown that learning and reading become more important in one's mother tongue and that when a child reads in two or more languages during early years, gains a deeper understanding of language and its effective use.

In this paper, the researchers have tried to discover; to what extent Storyweaver (SW) helps fill the gap between different types of reading requirements and the availability of resources in their native language? This paper explores the possibilities for more visibility for educators, parents, authors, publishers, illustrators, and translators to showcase their capabilities across the global platform especially in under-resourced areas. The paper will also explore if the educators can customize the resources of SW according to their individual requirements. This paper will try to determine whether SW can serve different leveled readers with appropriate resources. This paper will also explore the usage and popularity of this digital repository in context to literacy promotion and act as a savior for vanishing regional languages.