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Spring 3-5-2022


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This study aimed to investigate the interest and use of WhatsApp technology among the library users of National Defence University Pakistan.


A questionnaire in google forms was created shared with the students of five departments of National Defence University Pakistan via email. The data were tabulated and analyzed using SPSS 22 for this paper.


This study revealed that WhatsApp is a robust and state of the art technology that could be embedded with digital library services to approach the library's patrons. This technology will help the library users getting quality services. Some technical and human resource factors could affect the delivery of services and hence need to be addressed. Therefore, it is recommended that library management should take necessary action to Embedded WhatsApp with Digital library services to ensure efficient and effective service delivery.

Practical implications

The WhatsApp is one of the most prominet technologies in social media applications that is deployed by many organizations including libraries. This technologies help the patrons at campus and remote places around the clock. Consequently, it will increase the quality of library services with greater satisfaction among users.


This study focuses on WhatsApp technology in the academic environment of National Defence University, Pakistan. This study is the first attempt of the researcher to highlight the critical issue. This study will be helpful for the library users of National Defence University and the entire academic setup in Islamabad.

Keywords: WhatsApp Technology, User's perception, Mobile Technology; NDU Library.