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There is a dearth of research on the library information needs of farmers for climate change adaptation to improve agricultural products among the rural farmers. Thus, this study explored the sources of library information needs for climate change adaption among rural farmers. Descriptive survey research was adopted for the study using a sample of 510 registered rural farmers in South Eastern Nigeria. A well validated and trial tested instrument was used to collect the data. The internal consistency reliability index of the instrument was 0.97 using Cronbach alpha method. Data collected were analysed using mean as a descriptive statistic to answer the research questions. It was found that climate change adaptation library information is seriously needed for improved Agricultural output of rural farmers. It was also found that radio, television, town criers, cooperative societies, religious leaders, libraries, posters, newspapers, extension agents etc. are the major sources of climate change adaptation library information. It was thus, recommended among others that Governments and rural authorities should provide access roads in rural communities to help library information agents access rural farmers with climate change library information.