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Winter 2-28-2022

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Personnel commitment to their organisations on an emotional, normative, and long-term basis is crucial to achieving organisational goals and objectives. Working circumstances for employees in any business, particularly university libraries are crucial to achieving these levels of dedication. The impact of the work environment on the affective, normative, and long-term commitments of library staff in Nigeria's South-West area was investigated in this paper. A total of 427 people participated in the study. The findings revealed that the work environment is related to affective commitment (R2 =.014; p.05), normative commitment (R2 =.004; p.05), continuance commitment (R2 =.033; p.05), and the entirety of organisational commitment (R2 =.021; p.05) of library personnel in government-owned university libraries in Nigeria's South-West. As a result, the discussion concluded that the work environment is critical in ensuring and maintaining library personnel's dedication to their university libraries. It was suggested that the management of the libraries offer a pleasant working environment for library employees. As a result, organisational commitment would improve a positive working environment in all aspects.