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This paper attempts to research into the challenges facing the students in this region as it relates to internet usage for academic research and learning and how they find ways to make use of the internet to facilitate their studies. It also examined the benefits they derive from the usage of internet. The participants were tested through a mixed-method design. Firstly, (n=250) participants’ answered questionnaires. Then, (n=18) class representatives were invited to a focus group discussion. The findings identified the lack of digital readiness among their institution, the absence of electronic library for easy accessibility to journals from the scientific database, inefficient cybercafé and internet facility within their university settings as the main issues discouraging the usage of the internet within their institutions. Yet, they still find ways to make use of the internet to facilitate their studies through smartphone/handsets. Intrinsically, the students believed that the use of internet enabled them to perform research ahead of time, tackle multiple homework, widens the scope of reading and learning, promotes self-learning, encourages and enhances peer learning as well as ameliorates student’s examination preparation.