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Spring 3-15-2022

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Business information, which is generally understood as essential information related to a company’s operation, activities and business environment, is fundamental resource for managers. This type of information and communication technology has been practiced by culinary entrepreneurs in Wonopringgo Village, Central Java. There are five categories of defining information needs used by culinary entrepreneurs in operating their business process. There are information on products, product development, training, marketing, and financial information. The purpose of this study was to determine the differences in the level of information needs of culinary entrepreneurs in Wonopringgo Village which have been grouped by type of business. This study uses a mixed approach with an explanatory sequential method. Data was collected through distributing questionnaires, in-depth interviews and observations. The results of this study indicate that the level of information need for culinary entrepreneurs in Wonopringgo Village has differences between types of business. The results also revealed that the level of awareness in group 1 (92.5%) had a higher awareness of the importance of information than group 2 (88.5%) and for the ability of respondents to access information sources, both groups were quite low (4.9 %) and in group 2 of (5.7%).