Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



This study investigated staffing and supervision as predictors of students’ satisfaction with library services in public secondary schools in Imo State.. The study was guided by 2 research questions and 2 hypotheses. The design of the study is a linear correlational design. The population of the study is 94,968. This is made up of 94693 Senior Secondary School Students and 275 librarians from 275 public secondary schools in Imo State. The sample size for this study is 660 librarians and SS2 students from 110 public secondary schools (110 librarians and SS2 550 students). The sampling techniques used in this study are multi-stage, purposive, simple random and disproportionate sampling techniques. Two types of research instruments were used to collect data for this study namely, School Library Management Scale (SLMS) for school librarians and Students’ Satisfaction with Library Services Scale (SSLSS) for Students. The data collected were analyzed using Pearson (r) for the research questions and t-test of significance of correlation for hypotheses. The major findings of the study showed that; there is a very low positive relationship between staffing and students’ satisfaction with library services. It was also established that there is a very low positive relationship between supervision and students’ satisfaction with library services, but the relationships are not significant. Based on these findings, the study recommended that; since the efficiency of any library and how it satisfies its users depends mainly on the competence of the human beings recruited to manage it, the researcher recommends the employment of qualified and professional librarians in our secondary school libraries; there should be good and proper supervision of both staff and users of library services to check the non-challant attitude of both for smooth running of the libraries.