Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Aim: The goal of this study is to measure the level of information literacy among students at Lahore Leads University.

Approach/ Design /Methodology: A survey method was employed to acquire pertinent data from the community. The participants were current Lahore Leads University students who represented the conditions and environment on the Lahore Leads University campus. The sample of 200 university students was chosen using a standard random sampling method. I created and managed a questionnaire by myself. As a result, the information gathered was assessed.

Findings:-Most students could not search and use the catalogue, select information sources, select relevant authorities or create search algorithms. Similarly, many students were ineffective users of university libraries.

Originality/value:-According to a thorough literature assessment, no analogous study has previously been undertaken among Lahore Leads University students. This research will undoubtedly aid the institution in developing various information literacy programmes that will promote and build students' literacy abilities while also improving learning quality.

Paper type: Research.