Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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The study investigated the library services and use of information resources as influencing factors on effective research by postgraduate students in two Nigerian Universities. The study adopted a descriptive survey designed, questionnaire was used for the data collection. A total of 250 questionnaire were distributed across the two universities using the simple random sampling technique while 216 copies retrieved were used for the analysis. The study observed that factors influencing library use have a negative and significant association (r = -0.248, n =142, p< 0.05) with challenges faced when using the library and a positive significant association (r = 0.256, n = 139, p < 0.05) with postgraduate students use of university library. The study also found out that postgraduate students use of university library have a positive and insignificant relationship ( = 0.042, 0.378, p> 0.05) with intensity of library information resources but show a positive and significant relationship ( 0.231, t =2.096, p