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Altmetrics is a movement that aims to capture new and previously invisible types of impact of scholarly publications on social web platforms such as news sites, Wikipedia, blogs, microblogs, social bookmarking tools and online reference managers. For evaluating the present work the authors used an online aggregator which helps in exploring and collecting the social attention score of the research output globally through different platforms. For the collection of data, the authors used a subscription based aggregator The data of 1266 journals were collected on certain parameters: Platforms; Mention types; Twitter Demographics; Department wise. First the data were collected for analyzing the possible quantity of platforms used for mentioning the research output of these journals with their altmetric mention score, then followed by data collection as per mention type with their social attention score like Facebook, News Story, Twitter etc. Another parameter which was twitter demographics of the countries in which the data were collected of 207 countries in terms of posts and profiles. Then the last collection was collected to analyze the altmetric attention score taken by the selected departments. In this way data was collected as per objectives and made the study relevant and result oriented.