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This study was designed to explore the current status of software used in Dr. Mahmud Husain Library University of Karachi and find out the issues including budget situation, technical support and training facilities. Why professionals could not able to automate the library yet hence they have been intending to automate the library early 2005 & the reason of changing toward Koha.


This study investigated the challenges faced by Library professionals regarding adoption and uses of Koha in Dr. Mahmud Husain library. This paper aims to describe current status of library software being used in DMHL (University of Karachi) and highlights the issues and challenges that are being faced by professionals regarding implementation of Koha.

A survey has been conducted among the professional staff of the library to collect the required data. Survey was consisting of interviews of professionals with written questionnaire.

Findings shows the majority of professionals are satisfied to implement Koha but some major issues like lack of latest equipment, lack of supervision, maintenance cost, lack of technical help lack of funds are needed to address immediately to improve system and service.

The article will guide decision makers in the planning of library automation and also can develop the understanding regarding Koha among professionals.