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The quality of teaching and learning is the key to sustainable development. This has inspired innumerable educational stakeholders to search for means of restoring quality teaching and learning in Nigeria’s education system. To accomplish this, significant epistemological efforts have been made over the years on teaching methods/models, student learning styles, and curriculum content reforms. However, the role of academic libraries has not been given any significant consideration. It is, therefore, the conviction of this paper that sustainable development depends profoundly on the availability of information provided and accessed through a well-managed library for effective teaching, learning, and research. So, using desktop literature review and the author's experience, this paper examines the roles of academic libraries in restoring quality teaching and learning for sustainable development in Nigerian institutions of higher learning. The study recommends and concludes that there may be scope for the augmentation of social media and ICT information literacy in academic library service delivery, which may address a plethora of challenges faced by the government in restoring quality teaching and learning for sustainable development.