Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Fall 8-20-2022


College of veterinary & Animal sciences, Parbhani


The goal of this study is to know the status of the documents that VNMKV University library has uploaded to the ICAR's Krishikosh repository. According to the statistics, VNMKV University library uploaded the most thesis materials for M. Sc. (80.34 %) degree course related thesis documents followed by Ph.D. (9.68 %) and M. Tech. (3.36% ) degree courses respectively. Thesis-type documents were discovered to be the most prevalent (99.01%), followed by Other Publications (0.60%.) and Reports (0.38 %) . It was observed that 51 subject wise thesis documents were uploaded on krishikosh by University library among that Agronomy department having highest thesis documents (10.11 %) followed by Plant Pathology (9.06 %) and Agricultural Entomology (8.56%) respectively .