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Summer 8-25-2022

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Digital Literacy


Digital literacy has the potential to be a powerful instrument for growth. People that are digitally literate are better able to communicate and stay up with contemporary developments. Digital literacy can be a beneficial evolution, as technological advancements can improve for the poor's economic chances, expand services to the underprivileged, improve organization, and promote social alteration. Students and teachers require up-to-date data for a variety of educational activities. The goal of this research is to examine digital literacy among the UG students of Tangla College, Assam. This article covers the level of agreement, awareness, regularity, and familiarity with digital literacy abilities among users, as well as the training literacy programme, knowledge, and benefits of digital literacy in the present day. The main aim of the study is to analyze the user’s knowledge and aptitude of ‘Digital Literacy’. The responded was chosen using a purposive sampling technique. A structured questionnaire was distributed among 150 students of whom 126 filled questionnaires were received from 3 (three) streams: Arts, Commerce, and Science for further scrutinized, tabulated and analyzed using MS Excel and MS Word. The study examined that the majority of respondents are familiar with the phrase "digital literacy," and majority agree that the Digital Literacy Program assists incompetent usage of information sources and services. The study also reveals that digital literacy has a lot of advantageous in present era.