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Fall 11-2022


Academic and research libraries are dependent on a wide range of technology and systems to manage access and storage of digital research materials and collections. Given the high level of costs and staff needed to support these systems, the factors that influence library leadership in their decision-making process to support or adopt new technologies is important.

To understand the dynamics involved with this decision-making process, this study specifically examined influencing factors that academic library leaders use in their decisions to support or adopt institutional repository (IR) systems. A mixed method research study using a quantitative research survey instrument, adapted from the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), followed by semi-structured interviews was used in this study.

The data collected from this research reveal that library leaders place a significant emphasis on the factors of the perceived need, reliability, and perceived usefulness. Building on these factors, interviews with senior library leaders revealed that the influencing factor of costs or ability to fund a system was a constant presence in their decision-making rubric.

Using these findings, it is anticipated that those seeking support and funding for new and ongoing library technology systems, will be able to present proposals in alignment with the factors that influence the library leadership making the decisions.

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