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Winter 3-31-2023

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This paper will exposes the influence of Library resources and services to students, Lecturers and Researchers. Library resources and services are very important in promoting research out in the nation.


Library resources and services are essential in postgraduate studies to conduct a successful research, demonstrate academic scholarship and gain recognition for creative thinking. However, observations and frequent requests for assistance from library personnel by postgraduate students reveal low use of library resources. Hence, this study evaluated the use of library resources and services as correlates of research activities among postgraduate students in southwest Federal Universities, Nigeria. A survey research design was adopted for the study. Multi-stage sampling procedure was used to select 378 respondents for the study. Data were collected with the use of a structured questionnaire and focus group discussion on library resources and services supporting postgraduate research, frequency of using library resources and services on research and constraints to the use of library resources and services. Frequency counts, percentages, mean, standard deviation was used to analyse the data. Results reveal that textbooks 2.96), World Wide Web 2.80) and e-books 2.76) were the major resources used by the respondents while journal 3.12), books 3.61) and e-books 3.35) were frequently used. Also, reference 2.85) and Wi-Fi services 2.75) were common library services used by the postgraduate students while Wi-Fi services 3.17), referral services 3.16) and user education 3.10) were frequently used library services. Insufficient internet access points 2.93), power outage 2.87), and obsolete books 2.85) were the major constraints’ of use of library resources. The study concluded that the use of library resources and services is crucial in postgraduate studies in order to achieve their academic objectives. The study, therefore recommended that provision and preservation of library resources should be given more attention in the universities, while library services should be improved upon for better service delivery.