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Winter 4-4-2023

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Libraries information provision are able to provide and satisfy its diverse user’s information needs timely and accurately. The librarian’s unique professional duties of information delivery and services are valuable in the dissemination of information and resources to their clientele. This study aims at investigating the key roles of libraries and information profession for political development and stability in Nigeria. The paper was able to establish that Nigerian libraries are well placed to contribute meaningfully and effectively in political and developmental stability of the nation for a positive change, most especially to enlighten the populace on the political status of the nation. More so, there were emphasizing on the key areas of information provision and dissemination by libraries, such as provision of adequate political information, supporting educational development, Re-orientation of Nigerian political culture, provision of information materials, provision of open access to information, creation political awareness etc to the development of a nation politically stable. The study also highlighted some challenges confronting Nigerian libraries, such as insufficient visibility, epileptic/ total absence of power supply, lack of adequate professional advocacy by librarians themselves and funding. The strategies to enhance librarians’ duty and librarianship as a profession were also discussed. Suggestions in support of Nigerian libraries were captured and discussed for them to remain major factors in the promotion of political stability and development in Nigeria.