Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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This paper examines the cardinal benefits of library consortium which is the resource sharing. Resource sharing aims at maximizing collection and services of libraries and information centres at minimum cost. Various sources of information (primary and secondary literature) were perused to view the essentiality of resource sharing in carrying out effective and efficient library and information services to users. The paper also highlighted the requirements needed for successful resource sharing practices among libraries. The significance/benefits of resource sharing as it relates to economic, developmental, academic/research as well as social life of librarians and library personnel were clearly stated. An ideal library networking model for resource sharing as well as examples such as DELNET, INFLIBNET, GILLDDNET and NULIB were presented. Various challenges militating against effective resource sharing were highlighted. The study concluded that resource sharing is inevitable and absolutely a necessary tool for enhancing an all time effective and efficient library and information services. The study proffered recommendations as remedies to factors militating against effective resource sharing in libraries.