Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Summer 6-1-2023



The study focused on library services and users’ satisfaction in academic libraries in Imo State, Nigeria. The study examined the extent of users’ satisfaction with library services in academic libraries in Imo State, Nigeria, the relationship between library exhibition/display and user education services. Three research questions were posed and two hypotheses were formulated for the study. Correlational design was adopted for the study while 4-point likert rating scale was used to elicit data. A sample size of 393 students was drawn from the population of 15,310 using Taro Yammane (1967) sampling technique. The data collected were analyzed with Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient (PPMCC) to answer the research questions while t-test was used to test the hypothesis at 0.05 level of significant. The result of the findings showed that; there is low extent of satisfaction with library services by the respondents, there is significant relationship between library exhibition/display services and users’ satisfaction and there is also significant and positive relationship between user education and users’ satisfaction. The study recommends that the library management should embark on feasibility study so as to make sure that the information resources needed by users are acquired as this will increase users' satisfaction and the provision of user-oriented service should be encourage so as to enhance users' satisfaction and patronage of libraries.